McNally High School
Principal's Message

 Welcome to McNally High School!

Selecting the right high school is a big decision for students and parents. It’s important to examine all your options and decide which school will meet your personal needs and goals. At McNally we see this as our commitment to our students; our school motto is “Nihil Sed Optimum” “Nothing But the Best.” 

The staff and students of McNally strive to live up to this motto each and every day. McNally High School has a long standing commitment to excellence in many diverse areas and is known as a place where all feel safe, valued and appreciated. Students will have many opportunities to enhance academic learning, engage in service learning, explore Career Pathways, and more. We hope that students make the most of all of the opportunities available to them. As Tigers, students will be challenged to persevere, take ownership for their learning, and be positive leaders and role models. Our programming will support the growth of competencies through a set of related curricular outcomes which our students need to develop over time.  These competencies are interrelated sets of attitudes, skills and knowledge that our students will draw upon and apply to particular contexts for successful learning and living. Through our academic and extra-curricular programming, our students will learn to think critically, manage information, identify and solve complex problems, innovate and create opportunities, demonstrate global and cultural understanding, develop good communication skills, collaborate, lead, identify and apply career and life skills and more. Ultimately, we are focused on programming that supports the development of engaged thinkers and ethical citizens who demonstrate an entrepreneurial spirit. 

If you would like to become part of a school with spirit, fostering creativity and innovation by providing opportunities for leadership; then McNally is your high school of choice in the coming year!

Dr. Lisa Wright  

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