McNally High School
School Zone

Dear Parents and Students,

An exciting new information system called SchoolZone, is ready to launch at Edmonton Public Schools.

As parents and students, we invite you to apply for access to SchoolZone. Accompanying this letter is a registration form to complete and return to the school.

Once you have registered, you can visit SchoolZone at

What is SchoolZone?

SchoolZone is a new information system being developed by Edmonton Public Schools. It provides parents and students with secure access to school and student information and is designed to enhance the relationship between school and home. Using portal technology and the convenience of the Internet, it is available any time and any place.

SchoolZone provides online access to daily homework assignments and class news from participating classroom teachers gathered together in a convenient calendar format. By accessing the site, parents will have timely access to information and help them be more actively involved in their children's academic success. Students have access to a valuable organizational tool to help them plan their time. As well, all users will find attendance records, news of school and district events, achievement results, timetables, course history and access to selected online educational resources.

What information and resources will I be able to access?

SchoolZone will be available to teachers, students and parents, at school and at home. With a single login, parents will be able to view information about each of their children, regardless of whether or not the children are in the same school.

The portal software allows new resources to be added to the portal as they are developed. It also allows considerable "customization" of the content to enhance the way users will access information. What information is available?

Homework Channel

News Channels

Student Information

Online Resources


What do I need?

You need a computer with Windows ’95 (or better) operating system and Internet Explorer 5.0 (or better) with access to the Internet. Other operating systems and browser combinations may produce unpredictable results.

If you don’t have a computer in your home, there are alternatives. The federal government maintains The Community Access Program that provides public access in places like schools, community centres and libraries. You can visit the Community Access Program web site at for more information. Your child's school may have other suggestions.   

What are the responsibilities of parents and students?

First and foremost, you should enjoy the benefits of being able to access SchoolZone online, anytime and anywhere.

Although many hours of development time have already been put into the creation of SchoolZone, the work is not yet finished. People need to use the system. With their feedback, we can make a system what everyone wants and needs.

Your feedback is important. From time to time, users will be asked to complete an online survey to provide feedback.

How do I register?

Please complete the attached registration form and return it to your child’s school. The information on the form will be used to create access accounts for you and your child.

Once your school has completed their part of the registration process, they will send a confirmation of your registration and you will receive your userID and password.


Download Registration Form Here